Our Services

Legal Services & Client Support

  • Trust and estate planning: estate / gift / income tax / property tax planning domestic and international (if applicable referred experts).
  • Charitable giving – Philanthropic strategic planning for efficient wealth transfer to future generations.
  • Trust administration – legal counsel to trustee(s) as to duties and responsibilities. Create legal documentation and assist clients with transfer of wealth to beneficiaries (pre and post death planning).
  • Legal counsel to beneficiaries as to rights / responsibilities.
  • Corporate structure – formation, review and analysis, legal protection, and corporate management planning.
  • Business succession planning – corporate consulting, poise company for sale or transition to next generation.

Indication of Need for Our Services:

  • Individuals and families with higher net worth requiring comprehensive estate planning.
  • Small to medium-sized businesses requiring assistance with formation, corporate agreements, corporate governance, and business succession planning.
  • Corporate executives desiring assistance with both of the above.
  • Trustees in need of legal counsel as to their duties and responsibilities for handling pre and post-death trust administration.
  • Clients in need of legal counsel after the passing of first spouse (Interim Trust Administration) and after passing of Surviving Spouse (Final Administration)

Client Options:

We offer a receipt of payment for services via Zelle and LawPay for our clients’ convenience. We accept MC, Visa, Discover, and American Express.

What We Offer:


  • Legal (25 Years)
  • C.P.A./Tax Background (37 Years)
  • Integrate Law, Accounting, and Tax aspects

Established Law Firm

  • 17-Year Track Record in San Diego County

Customized Services

  • Comprehensive Estate Plans - Foundational and Advanced
  • Assistance With Implementation and Trust Funding
  • Cultivate Client’s Trusted Advisor Team


  • Top-shelf quality product(s) and customized personal service at a boutique firm price point.

How We Work:

  • We offer competent, practical, timely, and cost-efficient legal advice.
  • We strive to provide consistent, personalized service to every client without the inconvenience of high cost and lack of personal attention often associated with larger law firms.
  • We embrace technology to streamline our services to clients and to reduce overall costs.
  • We participate in continued professional education for legal, accounting, and tax to keep up-to-date with legal trends and maintain professional licenses. We do practice law and give advice on tax issues. We do not practice public accounting. However, our education and experience allow us to coordinate with your selected trusted advisors and we defer all final tax advice to your personal C.P.A.


Upon request, we provide referrals to highly competent professionals such as C.F.P., C.P.A., bankers, C.V.A., insurance agents, real estate professionals and/or legal experts in other areas of law. However, if you have already engaged other advisors, we will join your team of consultants and collaborate with them on your estate plan or other legal issues.